Our company uses it's twenty-years of experience to design and produce industrial piping with the use of metallic and plastic materials

axel company
We can produce any type of industrial plant, process or service, for chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies, hospitals, research and analysis laboratories, universities, providing them with complete plants (piping, chemical hoods, custom-made hoods, scrubbers, solvent or acid filters, process plant design, fittings ...).
In particular:
  • Process plant design for steel, enamel, teflon, glass and plastic materials
  • Service plant design
  • Piping in any material
  • Air treatment and purification plants
  • Structures in metal
  • Complete skids (gas, oil, etc ...)
We are also available for consultations, for planning designs for laboratory extraction plants, chemical and process plants)

We design and build skid systems, offering a high quality production combined with optimised timing and a low impact operating method for the customer and its normal operations

We offer testing services for plants we have produced ourselves as well as for existing installations using certified instrumentation

Capacity testing for chemical and biological hoods with the issue of compiled forms regarding the characteristics measured with certified instrumentation.
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel welding qualifications (ASME) and (EN)
  • ISO 9001 certification is currently underway

We have experience!
We have experience!
We know what it's like to be in charge of companies that are daily required to respond to the needs of ever-evolving productions, where you must respond, often with insufficient resources and ever tighter time schedules, to problems ranging from small maintenance to planning and implementing large projects.

We also know what it is like to be on the other side, as service providers, engineering or plant suppliers, with the difficulty of finding people and companies on the market that can produce, with expertise and quality, the proposals made to the end customer.

First-hand knowledge, from both inside and outside the company's production, has convinced us that even now the market still struggles to provide adeguate solutions for these needs.

That's why we created AXEL.
We are not 'newcomers'
We are not 'newcomers'
We were not founded from nothing, but from a convergence of technical and professional skills that have matured from many years of experience in the sector, in chemical process plant design, responsable for internal technical and engineering services and production, as well as being designers and suppliers of plants and equipment. We know our work: experience, expertise, accuracy, aptitude for problem solving, passion. These are the qualities that distinguish our team.
We design with you
We design with you.
We are experts in understanding your requirements and in helping you plan as to how you can realise your ideas.

Regarding these processes we can start work at any stage, from the development of the initial idea until its production, in total autonomy or as a support.

Complete this work:
  • Study of "general urban development plans" for company reorganization
  • Study of "revamping" plant design
  • Fire prevention analysis and design
  • Process risk analysis
  • ATEX and PED analysis
We help you choose the best
We help you choose the best.
The choice of materials and equipment is essential for the proper functioning of a plant. In this context we deal with the phases regarding the choice, procurement and resale of materials, plants and equipment. We are also proud to offer our own equipment, designed and built by us to solve problems which other solutions currently on the market cannot resolve.
Strength in flexibility
Strength in flexibility
In order to ensure the necessary flexibility and speed in response combined with expertise, the central team (which, in close collaboration with the internal technical office, is the point of reference for the works management) is sometimes flanked by specialist partners in each field, who are chosen according to their specific and experienced skills. Thanks to our practical and managerial extraction, the same people who process ideas and develop them into projects, follow their production evolution by coordinating the work with suppliers and on construction sites, until the supply of the turnkey system..
There are no problems, only solutions
There are no problems, only solutions.
Enthusiasm drives and leads us to see a challenge in every obstacle, in search of solutions and improvement. And if the solution does not exist on the market or needs to be improved, we are not alarmed. This has led us to give an important drive in the development of innovative technological solutions by creating a dedicated staff for the study and production of process equipment and plant equipment.
We produce for you
We produce for you.
We can produce any type of industrial plant, process or service, with extensive specialization in the chemical pharmaceutical field.
In particular:
  • Process plant design for steel, enamel, teflon and glass
  • Service plant design
  • Turnkey supply of laboratories
  • Piping in any material
  • Treatment and purification plants for gaseous emissions
  • Industrial automation
  • Structures both in metal
  • Buildings
We keep your plants going
We help you choose the best.
Thanks to our experience and the professionalism of our employees, we help you to maintain the efficiency and productivity of your plants with a correct and effective maintenance method.

In particular:
  • Mechanical maintenance process equipment
  • Maintenance for discharge abatement plants
  • Chemical and biological hood tests and certifications
We are the ideal partner for both companies and service/equipment providers, with the ability to interpret the role of internal technical maintenance units, from which we have inherited our most important features.

For companies
We create your own ideas by providing you with technical experience and support.

For Independent Contractors and Engineering Firms
We support and amplify your capabilities.

For equipment suppliers
We give you the opportunity to offer companies turnkey solutions, from design to production, for your equipment

For suppliers of services and plants
We complete and amplify your production capacity

In short, we're perfect for you!