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We have engineered and implemented an innovative fully automatic displacement phase separation system, which allows the continuous separation of two liquid phases with different specific weights without needing to have an operator on hand.

This device is customarily used following a condensation system for the separation of non-miscible liquids, but it can be applied in all situations where effective separation is needed.

The system can include:

• group of valves to control the destination of the separate flows and for the selection of the collection phase (light/heavy),

• flooding post-condensation system

• cold finger on the vent, to fall back into the separator

• analysis and control instrumentation (pH, temperature, etc.)

The design can be completely GMP, therefore suitable for API applications.

The construction materials range from metal materials (CS, AISI, also coated with PTFE or PFA) and plastic materials (PP, PE, PPSEL, PVC, etc.).