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To supplement and complete the extraction plants we propose treatment systems with cleaning towers (Scrubber).

These systems are sized, designed and custom-made according to various needs.

They can be made in a wide range of materials, plastic materials are preferred due to their intrinsic chemical resistance (PP, PE, PPSEL, PVC, etc.).

The dimensions range from diameters and heights of just a few centimetres up to several meters, to cover all flow requirements.

Depending on the specific needs we use the correct filling systems, both random and structured, and extraction, with fans or with venturi type extraction.

The set-up can be supplied complete with automatic or semi-automatic control systems for pH correction, temperatures, levels, cyclic washing, etc.

In this case we also offer prefabricated skid fittings including all the instrumentation and automation for the correct operational control.

We develop small complete systems, fully wheeled, suitable for use on multiple emission points within the plant.