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Taking advantage of the extensive knowledge of equipment and components gained from our experience in plant design and the excellent purchasing capacity that comes from the quantities we use, we can supply a wide range of accessories and equipment for the installation of systems.

This is not a simple resale, but a real help to customers in analyzing a specific need and for advice regarding the correct choice on criteria such as cost, quality, reliability.

Furthermore, if necessary, we can customize the commercial product to meet the customer's needs, to make it perfect for the specific application.

Our offer consists of devices such as:


·         Pneumatic steel diaphragm pumps, AISI, plastic materials

·         Electric pumps, all types in steel, AISI, plastic materials

·         Fans in steel, AISI, plastic materials, coated metal


Range of accessories:


·         Valves in steel, AISI, plastic materials

·         Filters in steel, AISI, plastic materials

·         Teflon lined piping

·         Seals in all materials

·         OR

·         Flange safety guards


Semi-finished products for the construction of plants and structures in all materials, both plastic (PP, PE, PPSEL, PVC, etc.) and metallic (CS, AISI), such as:


·         Pipes

·         Bars

·         Plates

·         Flanges

·         Various